Villefranche sur Mer

Villefranche sur Mer
it all starts with a beach

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cloudy with a chance of Biot

Sunday I get up, ready for a beach day, but alas - clouds! First I've seen in quite I decide to train/bus to Biot, a little hilltown recommended by friends. Since I'm doing a story on Le Villages Perché, it was a no brainer.

The train goes on time and without a hitch. At the bus stop in Biot sur Mer, I meet Kenza, a chef from Paris (on vacation). She sorts out the directions to the vielle ville then invites me for a fabulous meal next time I'm in Paris. (She speaks French for 'dix minutes', and I understand everything :-) One of the best things about travel is the people you meet along the way!

Before long I am waiting with 6 fun-loving Britts, and we share and laugh for 30 minutes til the bus comes (Sunday schedule), taking us uphill to Biot, known for its glass blowing, ceramics, and the Museum of Ferdnand Leger (a giant in the modern movement).

By serendipity I find my way down a little side street and am warmly welcomed by Eric at Le Jarrier, where I enjoy a lovely view,  sweet breeze, nice jazz, excellent food, and impeccable service.
An amuse bouche of watermelon pieces, bruschetta with tepanade et aoli. Asparagus salad with petite mozzarella, olives, tomatoes, greens and fennel. Lightly dressed. Bon! Lamb with wild mushrooms, veggie flan (light as a pillow), frites. Yum! A great local red (2 glasses included with menu). Cafe et après - white rum avec 3 raisins. Wow! If you're ever in Biot, treat yourself!!

I run into the Britts again at a lookout. And again on the last bus. We're still laughing. Lifted my spirits on this long and overcast day.

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